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EfSoLaw Infographics

EfSoLaw Infographic

EfSoLaw Infographic
Image Credit: EfSoLaw / Deniz Keskin

Several new infographics visualise the data structure of our database "EfSoLaw" at a glance.

News from May 10, 2022

Recently created infographics give insights into the results of the project’s first work package that built a database on the proportion of EU hard and soft law in seven different policy fields (Common Foreign and Security Policy, Financial Regulation, Food Safety, Pharmaceutical Regulation, Police and Judicial Cooperation, State Aid and Sustainable Agriculture) over 15 years (2004-2019). The graphics visualise the data structure of our database "EfSoLaw" at a glance in different ways, e.g. the development over time of the proportion of soft law versus hard law in the policy fields, the function of EU soft law per policy sector, or main authors of soft law. A huge thank you to Deniz Keskin (https://denizkeskin.com/) for providing us with the graphics.

The graphics can be downloaded via the links below or on our research page here.

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